Audiology Care in New Jersey

Delivering compassionate and professional care

The Hearing Group is dedicated to finding solutions for people suffering from hearing loss. Hearing is a precious sense that should not be taken for granted. Since each person’s hearing problems are different, we offer a variety of audiology services and hearing aids from top-of-the-line manufacturers that will help correct your hearing issues. Our professional and experienced team of licensed and certified doctors of audiology and hearing aid dispensers will work with you to find the right solution to improve your hearing and improve your quality of life.

Client Services

Before any solution to your hearing problem can be formulated, the situations that you have difficulty hearing in and the degree of hearing loss you have must first be determined. During an audiological evaluation one of our hearing doctors or hearing aid dispensers will perform a variety of tests that will help to diagnose and treat your hearing loss. These evaluations are available for patients of all ages, so you, your children and your grandchildren will be able to be evaluated, diagnosed and treated.

Once the problem is identified, our team is prepared to respond with a few different hearing solutions that fit your needs personally. We dispense hearing aids from  industry leaders that will address your specific concerns.  We also offer preventative services.  If you want to prevent hearing loss or protect your ears, a custom earmold comfortably blocks the ear canal, from loud sounds or water, perfect for swimmers or musicians. If your hearing aid breaks or is malfunctioning, our hearing aid repair services will get your hearing back as soon as possible.


Part of delivering successful solutions to your hearing issues is using high-quality technology and equipment that will help significantly reduce the problems you are facing.  We use hearing aids from the best manufacturers on the market including:

  • Oticon: We carry a suite of Oticon hearing aids, most of which are Bluetooth enabled. They deliver clear and powerful sound. Many of their hearing aids are rechargeable.
  • Phonak: The large family of Phonak hearing aids allows our team to correct hearing problems across a wide range of severity. These rechargeable hearing aids use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries to help you save money and most are Bluetooth capable.
  • Widex: Using the latest technology, Widex hearing aids automatically respond to your environment to provide the most appropriate level of sound. Their aids also use innovative ergonomic designs for comfortable wear and connect to most of your devices.
  • Lyric: These hearing aids are designed to fit inside your ear canal so they are completely invisible from the outside. They have a special coating that protects the aid from moisture and earwax.

Company-Specific Information

Through devices from the top hearing aid manufacturers in the industry and the compassionate care provided by our expert team of licensed professionals, The Hearing Group is prepared to deliver quality improvements to your hearing. Located in West Orange, New Jersey, our team strives to find custom solutions for each of our patients in a supportive and comfortable environment. If you have an issue with your hearing that you would like help with, make an appointment online or contact us to ask any questions you may have.

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