Remote Care for Western Essex County Hearing Aid Users

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Hearing aids require expert adjustments from trained audiologists to deliver great performance. If not properly tuned, work, time with family, and everything else you do becomes more challenging. The Hearing Group offers onsite repairs at our West Orange, New Jersey location for patients throughout Western Essex County, but in-person visits aren’t always possible. When you prefer a virtual consultation due to health considerations or your busy schedule, brands like Oticon, Phonak, and Widex offer hearing aid apps that provide video-based remote support with just an internet connection and your smartphone or tablet.

Oticon RemoteCare

With the Oticon RemoteCare hearing aid app, you can connect with your audiologist anywhere there’s a reliable internet connection. The app is compatible with all Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids and available for most Android and Apple devices. Once you download the app and create an account, you can schedule a consultation to:

  • Receive remote hearing aid adjustments
  • Test settings with help from your audiologist
  • Receive suggestions for making the most of your hearing aids

The app supports video and text-based communication, so you can always get in touch with a hearing care professional without a visit to our office.


Patients who use Phonak Naida Paradise, Audéo Paradise, Audéo Marvel, Bolero Marvel, Naida Marvel, Sky Marvel, or Audéo B-Direct hearing aids can access a robust suite of remote care options with the myPhonak app. When help is needed, simply reach out to The Hearing Group to schedule a virtual appointment via your Android or Apple device.

At the time of your appointment, open the myPhonak app and tap the Start button. During a remote care session you can:

  • Chat with an audiologist through the app’s video platform
  • Receive real-time hearing aid adjustments at work, school, or in noisy environments
  • Request a remote hearing test conducted via your hearing aids

The app also offers comprehensive status information on connected hearing aids and accessories. This includes configurations, battery power, use statistics, and more. Meanwhile, the Hearing Diary allows you to share your experience and feedback with our audiologists. This makes it easy to track your usage and troubleshoot any problems – not just in our office, but wherever you are.

Widex Remote Care

The Widex Remote Care app is available for Android and Apple devices and compatible with the following Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids:

  • Widex Moment
  • Widex Evoke
  • Widex Beyond
  • Widex Unique
  • Widex Dream

Please note that the app is not for use with CIC-M hearing aids. Within the app, Compass GPS allows you and your audiologist to establish a video connection and control over your hearing aids via Widex Remote Link. Once connected, a hearing care professional from The Hearing Group can remotely adjust your hearing aids and test them in real-life conditions. The video function makes it easy to consult with your audiologist, receive advice, and learn more about how to get the most from your hearing aids.

Learn More about Remote Support with The Hearing Group

The Hearing Group is committed to ensuring every patient achieves better hearing through the use of high-quality hearing aids, even when in-office visits aren’t possible. If you need support for hearing aid fittings and settings adjustments, contact us today to schedule a remote care appointment via one of the apps above. For more information about hearing aids and audiology services for patients throughout Western Essex County in NJ, call 973-542-4031 to speak with a member of our team.

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