How To Prepare A Child For A Hearing Test

Simple Steps To Prepare A Child For A Hearing Test

Doctor visits can be an overwhelming experience for many children. Although a hearing examination doesn’t cause physical pain, your child may become anxious or fearful when they learn they need to go to the doctor’s office. Help make their experience worry-free with these tips from our knowledgeable staff here at The Hearing Group.

Talk To Them About The Test

It’s important that you speak to your child about the visit prior to the appointment. Though the child may not fully understand why they are going for a test, talking to them about the process and what they should expect can help alleviate their fears. Remember, some kids may associate a doctor’s visit with the pain of a booster shot. Be honest with them about what harmless tools the doctors may use to test their ears and reassure them that there won’t be any pain.

Practice The Tests At Home

While you may not be able to replicate the examination given at the doctor’s office, you can still give them an idea of what to expect. Let the child practice wearing headphones or earbuds so they become comfortable with how it feels. You also can practice conditioned play audiometry in which you teach your child to perform an activity when they hear a specific sound. By drawing attention to the sounds around them, they will be better focused when performing the real hearing test.

Schedule An Appointment With An Experienced Audiologist

Ensure your child’s hearing test is a positive experience by scheduling an evaluation with an audiologist who has experience with children. The knowledgeable staff at The Hearing Group has significant experience in performing hearing examinations on children, from infants to teens. Our various testing methods are presented in fun, engaging ways that relax the child and allow them to enjoyably complete the evaluation.

Early detection of hearing loss can help a child continue developing speech and language skills at a normal rate. Hearing tests are essential and should be conducted at the recommended intervals and anytime you believe there might be a problem. Preparing your child for these tests can help create a positive experience. Our fantastic specialists at The Hearing Group are prepared to administer hearing evaluations to children of all ages. Get your child’s hearing tested by scheduling an appointment with The Hearing Group today.

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