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boy getting hearing examAt the Hearing Group, we offer top-notch audiology care and a wide selection of hearing aids in West Orange, New Jersey. Oticon hearing aids empower those with hearing loss to freely communicate, interact and actively participate in life. All of Oticon’s hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled.

Oticon Opn S

The newest and most advanced Oticon hearing aid, the Opn Sproduct line offers a discrete miniRITE R style that is rechargeable and stylish. This technology allows for the finest quality of hearing available for hearing aids, improving speech understanding to the level of regular hearing. It also eliminates feedback or whistling with the OpenSound Optimizer. Enjoy the full 360° sound experience and stay connected to all of your favorite devices.

Oticon Siya

The Siya lineup, built on the same Velox platform as the Opn, offers many different colors and styles, including nearly invisible custom CIC models and a rechargeable battery option in a more budget friendly price point. Using cutting-edge 2.4GHz Bluetooth® technology, it allows you to stream high-quality sound and music and enjoy direct wireless connection to smartphones, TVs, tablets and other devices.

The Play family of hearing aids is designed especially for children and offers options for kids of all ages and levels of hearing loss. Velox delivers the sound information your child needs to improve speech understanding in all types of environments and empowers them to realize a bright future.

Oticon Dynamo

Oticon’s most powerful, innovative BTE hearing aid for patients with severe to profound hearing loss, the Dynamo can capture high-frequency sounds that are critical for optimal listening and speech understanding while minimizing distortion and annoying feedback.

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