Our Selection of Lyric Hearing Aids in West Orange, New Jersey

The right hearing aids can make a major difference in the lives of people with hearing loss. Not only can they enhance wearers’ hearing, but they can also accommodate their needs and lifestyles. Lyric hearing aids are a great option for people who want an optimum quality of hearing without compromising their comfort or convenience. Available at The Hearing Group in West Orange, New Jersey, Lyric hearing aids offer a host of benefits that have been shown to improve the lives of our patients.

Lyric Hearing Aids: Features and Benefits

Depending on a patient’s age, lifestyle, and level of hearing loss, they may be better suited for one type of hearing aid over another. But for many, Lyric hearing aids offer the perfect fit. At The Hearing Group, patients often note the following key features and benefits of this particular model:

  • Deep fit: With a Biocompatible soft foam seal, they fit deeply into the ear canal, making them completely invisible to onlookers.
  • Long wear time: Thanks to their deep fit, people can wear Lyric hearing aids for months at a time without needing to remove them. This includes during showers, exercise, sleep, and even while wearing external headphones.
  • Sound quality: Not only do Lyric hearing aids offer a programmable sound processing system complete with easy-to-adjust volume and other settings, but they also feature a beside-the-eardrum design. This means that their microphones and receivers sit inside the ear canal for enhanced performance.
  • Protective design: Lyric hearing aids are specially coated to seal out earwax and moisture, prolonging their operating life.
  • Battery life: Their extra-long battery life lasts for months, saving wearers on batteries and eliminating the need for frequent removal.

The Hearing Group Difference

Apart from offering a host of hearing aid models, such as Lyric, Oticon, Phonak, and Widex hearing aids, the audiologists at The Hearing Group also provide full-service hearing assistance for patients of all ages. Whether they are pediatric, adult, or older adult patients, our team utilizes its industry knowledge each day to provide individually tailored hearing solutions and audiological education for all.

Our experienced team also provides a broad spectrum of audiological services for patients living in West Orange, New Jersey, and beyond. These include:

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At The Hearing Group, our team of audiologists brings more than 50 years of combined experience to the table. Thanks to our industry know-how, we’re able to tailor each of our treatments to meet the unique needs held by patients all across the hearing spectrum.

For those who are interested in Lyric hearing aids, our care team is standing by to evaluate and fit patients with their perfect device. To book an appointment, contact The Hearing Group today. Alternatively, you can visit our office at 1001 Pleasant Valley Way, Suite 4 in West Orange, New Jersey, to schedule an appointment in person.

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