Professional Hearing Aid Maintenance And Repair

You rely on your hearing aid. Without it, you miss the details of important conversations. Talking with your loved ones is more difficult and misunderstandings can interrupt precious moments. Safety is an issue too. Accidents are more likely if you can’t hear the sounds of potential danger.

If your device is malfunctioning, these tips might help restore function.

●      Use a wax pick and brush to clean around the opening of your device. Using solvents or alcohol is not recommended, as this can damage your device.

●      Check the volume. Make sure your device is not set to t-coil mode.

●      Visually inspected your device. If you see any signs of damage, take your device to a skilled repairman.

●      Check the wax guard and dome.

●      Test the battery in a battery tester

When your hearing aid needs repairs, you can trust The Hearing Group to get your device back in shape quickly and professionally.

On-Site Repairs For Your Convenience

If you can’t find a problem, the audiologists at The Hearing Group will inspect your device for you. Because we understand the importance of your device in your daily life, we are equipped to complete many common hearing aid repair services in our office.

●      Repair or replace receivers, speakers, battery doors, and other parts prone to damage.

●      Deep clean your device to remove wax build-up from delicate components.

●      Check and clean battery and power connections.

Our technicians and audiologists have experience repairing a long list of hearing aid brands.

●      Oticon

●      Phonak

●      Widex

●      Siemens

●      Starkey

●      Unitron

The Hearing Group will work with your device’s manufacturer for more comprehensive hearing aid repair services. Even if your device is out of warranty, we can get your device back to full function in the shortest time possible.

We offer a limited number of loaner hearing aids. If available, our office will provide one for you to use until your own device is returned.

For fast and professional hearing aid repair, contact the audiology experts at The Hearing Group. Learn more about our products and services online. For quicker service, call our West Orange office at (973) 542-4031.

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