Advanced Hearing Technology For West Orange Patients

senior man being fit for a hearing aid

We’re committed to giving the power of hearing back to New Jersey residents. The Hearing Group, located conveniently in western Essex County, provides hearing aid technology that best suits your unique hearing loss, lifestyle needs and budget. Our selection of digital hearing aids includes Receiver-In-The-Ear, Receiver-In-Canal, Behind-The-Ear, and Custom styles. We’re pleased to supply the communities of West Orange with a variety of reliable hearing aid products from Oticon, Phonak and Widex.


As a world leader in hearing since 1904, Oticon delivers innovative hearing solutions designed to empower your life. Their award-winning product line includes the ground-breaking Opn. Using advanced technology, this discrete hearing aid can differentiate between speech and noise, allowing you to hear multiple speakers simultaneously without being overwhelmed by distracting sounds. Oticon’s Opn delivers best in class performance for your 360° soundscape.


Phonak has produced cutting-edge hearing solutions for over 70 years. Their family of hearing devices automatically simplify your life by effortlessly providing you with an exceptional hearing experience. Options include the Virto B, the world’s first hearing aid with Biometric Calibration, the 100% invisible Lyric that can be worn 24/7 for months at a time, and the Cros B that picks up sounds from your bad ear and transfers them to your good ear. Phonak’s hearing aids present the best possible solutions for any lifestyle.


Functionality and style combine with Widex’s sophisticated technology to help you regain your best hearing. Widex hearing aids open your ears to the full spectrum of sound so that you can embrace life’s beautiful tones. The Widex Beyond helps you experience a wide range of pure sound using superior technology that automatically adjusts to your environment so you never lose focus. The Beyond is made for iPhone use allowing you to connect to the smartphone making streaming audio easier and clearer.

Oticon, Phonak and Widex hearing solutions also feature Bluetooth capability, connecting directly to cellphones, computers and other enabled devices. These exceptional hearing technologies from The Hearing Group connect your life to the wonderful world of sound.

Essex County Hearing Solutions

The Hearing Group is ready to meet the audiological needs of New Jersey families. Our licensed staff provides compassionate, comprehensive care to patients in the West Orange area. We’ll evaluate your hearing and recommend the most appropriate hearing technology for your needs. Don’t live life in silence. Visit The Hearing Group today and let our audiology professionals restore your hearing with customized hearing aids.