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If you or a loved one experiences difficulty hearing, it’s important to know where to turn for trusted audiology services. The Hearing Group, located in West Orange, New Jersey, provides quality audiology care to patients of all ages, including hearing tests and hearing aid evaluations. Because hearing loss often develops gradually, our audiologists aim to pinpoint abnormalities and explore all possible causes of a patient’s hearing impairment.

Types of Assessments

The Hearing Group’s audiological and hearing aid evaluations detect a wide range of hearing loss conditions and symptoms. Performed by one of our experienced audiologists, hearing evaluations take place in a soundproof booth and usually last about 30 minutes. Our thorough evaluations for adult patients include:

Pure Tone Air
Performed with either headphones or inserted earphones, patients are asked to listen to tones at various volumes and indicate when they can hear a sound. The test determines the faintest tone a person can hear at select frequencies, ranging from low to high.

Bone Conduction

With a special device placed behind the ear, this test isolates a patient’s inner ear from the outer or middle ear to test its hearing abilities. Similarly to pure-tone air tests, patients will be instructed to indicate when they hear sounds.

Speech and Word Discrimination

Patients are asked to listen to a list of words while wearing headphones and then repeat them back to the audiologist. The results indicate the patient’s ability to hear and identify words correctly, as well as to determine their speech reception threshold.

Impedance and Acoustic Reflex

The acoustic reflex, a tiny muscle found in the middle ear, contracts when loud or jarring sounds occur. Audiologists test patients’ acoustic reflexes by finding the level of noise that prompts a reaction. This test is one of the most effective in determining the location of a hearing problem.

Meanwhile, static acoustic impedance measures the mobility and compliance of the tympanic membrane (eardrum), as well as the volume of the ear canal. Test results will indicate the extent of damage to the eardrum or middle ear.

Otoacoustic Emissions
This test analyzes the function of the outer hair cells in the cochlea (inner ear). The results help detect abnormalities and diagnose retro-cochlear disorders, like auditory neuropathy.


When patients experience persistent ringing or buzzing, tinnitus evaluations help determine the need for significant medical treatment or referrals for an otologic (ENT) consultation.

We also offer comprehensive pediatric audiology evaluations based on your child’s age and stage of development. These include tests for behavioral observation audiometry, conditioned orientation response, and many more.

Aural Rehabilitation and Hearing Solutions

Depending on the results of a patient’s hearing aid evaluation, we can diagnose the cause of their symptoms and devise a variety of non-medical aural rehabilitation and hearing solutions. Patients in need of hearing aids will receive custom-fitted instruments, many of which are practically invisible. Additionally, our team dispenses and repairs hearing aids from popular brands, including:

  • Lyric
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Widex

Most hearing aids include a multi-year warranty, free office visits, and batteries for up to three years. Clients can also choose from a selection of digital hearing aids, including RITE, RIC, BTE, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. We offer custom earmolds in a variety of materials and styles for athletes, swimmers, musicians, and others and a range of assistive listening devices for iPods, telephones, and computers.

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If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing, contact The Hearing Group. We’ll perform a hearing evaluation to identify the cause of your hearing loss and work with you to determine the best solution. To learn more or schedule an appointment at our office, located at 1001 Pleasant Valley Way Ste 4 in West Orange, NJ, call 973-542-4031 today.

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