Hearing Aid Repair Services for New Jersey

As with any product, hearing aids occasionally malfunction. This can be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance. However, even though we take good care of our hearing aids they can still need repair.

Detecting Malfunctions

Hearing aids have improved dramatically over the last few decades, but they still aren’t perfect. Some hearing aid issues are more obvious than others and, just like with detecting the signs of hearing loss, it can be difficult to discern when your hearing aid is malfunctioning.

If your hearing aid appears to be dead, try these quick fixes

●      Be sure that the device is set to microphone mode (M)

●      Check to see if the battery was inserted properly (the battery may also need to be replaced)

●      Clean the hearing aid to remove any wax buildup, be sure to clean both the microphone and the wax filter

●      See if the tubing is blocked or bent (If so, we can replace it!)

If the device is operational, but does not seem to be producing the highest quality sound, it may be that

●      The battery is nearly dead

●      The volume settings may need to be adjusted

●      The hearing tube may be damaged

●      The microphone or earmolds may be blocked

●      The hearing aid might not be set to microphone mode

●      Change the dome and/or wax guard

●      The battery or battery contacts may be dirty or corroded (If so, wipe clean with a dry cloth)

●      The earmolds may be inserted improperly or may need to be replaced

In-Office Hearing Aid Repairs

Depending upon the problem diagnosed, our audiologists can often repair hearing aids at our office in New Jersey. We can most likely complete the repair during your visit if the issue with the hearing aid involves your device’s:

●      Receivers

●      Speakers

●      Battery doors

●      Domes

●      Wax guard

●      Tubing

We are able to offer hearing aid repair services on the following brands:

●      Oticon

●      Phonak

●      Widex

●      GN Resound

●      Siemens

●      Starkey

●      Unitron

We know that hearing aids can malfunction at any moment, but that you need your device to be fully operational at all times. So, in addition to our regularly scheduled appointments, we offer special Walk-In hours for hearing aid repair cleaning, and service:

Monday: 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday: 11:00 a.m.

Wednesday: 11:00 a.m.

Friday: 11:00 a.m.

Saturday: Limited

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Manufacturer Hearing Aid Repair

If the hearing aid cannot be repaired in our office, we will send it to the manufacturer for repair, both in warranty and out of warranty. If available, we will provide you with a loaner hearing aid until your hearing aid is re-dispensed to you after repair.

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